10 Essential Questions to Evaluate Visitor Management System

10 Essential Questions to Evaluate Visitor Management System

Having Visitor Data in Your Hand can Solidify your Client Relationships and Keep Your Office Building Safe & Secure. 


Knowing who is on your property, when and at what time, his whereabouts, and his activities, is imperative for better control. While keeping your building safe and sound is the primary aspect of installing a visitor management system on your business premises, keeping a track of the movement of your visitors (clients, delivery boys, vendors, suppliers, guests, etc.) is another.  

It is quite clear that manual entries of all the guests do take a lot of time. Long queues of the visitors while the receptionist attends to each visitor, informs the host, answers his/her questions, gives him/her directions, increases the wait time, and makes this a time taking process. Hence, a Visitor Management System enables accurate, time-saving, cost-saving, and expedition of the entire process. Also, flawless controlling and maintaining the digital records of all movements on your premise makes your business more efficient and productive. Also, it checks the covid19 vaccination status too, keeping your building premises safe and sound from any health threats. 

Before taking the final plunge of installing a VMS at your workplace, let’s dive a little deeper into the answers to these important 10 Visitor Management questions – 


10. Are all the Visitors Getting Proper Badges Before Their Visit To The Building?
A. Visitor Badges are supposed to make the system identify the visitor when he is in the building. If a host has pre-registered a visitor via a Visitor Management System, he is able to create a digital badge entering the purpose of the visit, time, host, and more. This creates a digital log of the visitor that can be accessed later on as and when required.


9. Is the Visitor’s Data Secure?
A. Usually, the Visitor Management system saves the data on the cloud which is safe, secure, and easy to retrieve. You can have a comprehensive database of a list of guests visited in the past. This feature helps to track those guests and speed up the check-in processes when the guests re-visit your organization.


8. In case of emergency, how to find out who is still in the building?
A. Emergency situations catch your entire organization by surprise and it is of utmost importance that you keep everyone inside the building safe. For this, you need to know that your building is completely evacuated and if not, how many employees are still in the building. In such an event, you can alert your rescue teams before any mishaps. A visitor management system is able to help you track quickly how many people logged out of the building.


7. What additional tasks can a front desk team handle if these manual entries are taken from their hand?
A. It’s high time when your business focuses on more important tasks other than keeping manual logs of the visitors’ check-ins and check-out. A visitor management system frees a receptionist to focus on other tasks that direct your business towards more productivity and efficiency.


6. How many visitors/employees actually care about logging out manually and accurately when they are leaving the business premise?
A. It is an agreed fact that manual binders are hard to manage and there is no guarantee that the visitors/employees are entering the accurate time when they log out. Hence, a visitor management system is able to track down the time when your visitors log in and the time when they log out.


5. Which employee gets the most visitors and at what hours?
A. It is harder to track which employee is more productive in his employee time. But, a visitor management system is able to keep track of every visitor and his host. Every visitor has a purpose, and you can check that the visitor was a prospect.


4. How many suppliers, clients, and customers visit your company on a monthly basis?
A. A visitor management system differentiates the visitors and gives you a digital report which is accurate without any human errors. You are able to retrieve the data from the cloud database and track the visitor logs – who came to your premise, who they met, the busiest hour, and the top 10 frequent visitors in your building premises.


3. How many visitors do you get on average?
A. It is almost impossible to keep a count and even if you do manage to keep a binder where all the visitors have entered their logs, it can’t be 100% accurate. A visitor management system does keep a count of all the visitors entering the office building. Not only this, it shows the purpose of their visit and how frequent they are.


2. Is your business making the best use of the receptionist’s capabilities?
A. Workspace automation has taken most of the work in its hand and directed the employees to focus on achieving business goals. Similarly, a visitor management system frees your receptionist from a regular data entry job and makes him/her focus on other tasks that bring your business closer to its objective.


1. How can I automate the process of pre-registration through a Visitor Management System?
A. WiseVisits, a visitor management system by WiseApp provides specialized features of web check-ins wherein the visitors can check in via email and helps accelerate the processing time when they arrive at the front desk.


How Can You Leverage WiseVisits – The Advanced Visitor Management System

Powered with Artificial Intelligence, WiseVisits is a smart Visitor management system that helps you keep the visitor logs that are accurate and save visitor’s data on the cloud. Managing the visitor digital logs empowers your employees with an efficient workspace that is safe and secure.

For a seamless visitor experience, WiseVisits is a perfect app that enables you to register your visitors on the go. It is a smart solution that unifies the view of all visitors across multiple locations. This high-tech visitor management app provides prompt alerts to the host and reception when the visitors arrive. Also, the WiseVisits mobile app enables the host to send the pre-invites to their guests on the go. Not only this, it helps create workflows that are tailored to your visitor type (contractors, employees, interviewees, couriers, or any other standard guests).

Wish to Read More on WiseVisits – Suit Yourself Here 


Ready to bring WiseVisits to your office building? Bring WiseVisits to your organization, and improve your organization’s agility and productivity. 

Come on, take the final plunge. Call +971-457-89898 or schedule a demo today, our Digital Transformation experts will give you a call. 

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