15 Features that make Meeting Room Management Solution a need for every new-age organization

15 Features that make Meeting Room Management Solution a need for every new-age organization

Manage, Monitor, and Measure your Workspace Efficiency

Meeting rooms are an important asset for any organization; hence it is equally important to utilize them optimally. WiseApp, a workspace solutions provider based in Dubai, has developed a meeting room management solution- WiseMeetings- to streamline the meetings and helps you enhance the productivity of your organization. WiseMeetings helps you not just book your meeting rooms but also, track the efficiency of your team.


Features of WiseMeetings

Prepare for the future of meetings with our plug-and-play Meeting Room Management Solution:

  • Schedule and Manage the Meetings- WiseMeetings helps you plan, schedule, and manage the meetings efficiently. You can send the meeting invite using our web dashboard or mobile application.
  • WiseMeetings Finder (Outlook Plugin)- Using WiseMeetings, your employees can book the meeting room from their Outlook using our Outlook Plugin- WiseMeetings Finder, which automatically syncs with WiseApp and vice versa. This ensures employees don’t get into a conflict of meetings.
  • Single Sign-on (SSO) – Our solution works well with Microsoft 365, and it’s a Single Sign-on (SSO) so you don’t have to create a separate login for this.
  • Capacity Specific booking- Using the WiseMeetings finder, you get the flexibility to book the room based on the seating capacity and the resources that you would be needing in the room.
  • Shares Location Link (Google maps)- With WiseMeetings, the moment you book the meeting room it sends the email to the client with the details about the meetings along with a location address and Google Maps link.
  • Digital Signage on the Tablets- The tablet placed outside the meeting rooms shows the availability of the meeting room and the schedule for the day. This may help increase your brand value by running promotional videos on the tablet whenever the rooms are not occupied.
  • Automate IT Support- You can send the intimation to IT support with just a click. You don’t have to call them. The moment they get the notification they will come to assist you and save time for both of you.
  • Automate RefreshmentsYou order the refreshments for the client with just a click. The moment you order something using the dashboard this gives the notification to the cafeteria or pantry. This will save you time.
  • Wise TimerThe Wise Timer is placed inside the meeting room to intimate you about the time left for the meeting to get over. It has 3 colors, Green reflects when the meeting is in progress, Amber reflects the meeting is about to get over and you have just 10 minutes to wrap it up, and Red reflects when you don’t check out of the meeting room and you overstay there.
  • Extend Meetings- The moment Wise Timer goes Amber, it shows you must wrap up the meeting, but in case you need some more time to conclude it, there is a provision for you to extend the meeting using the console. In case, the next slot is booked you can’t overbook it.
  • Minutes of Meeting- The minutes of meeting (MOM) is one of the main features of WiseMeetings that gives you the feasibility of sending the MOMs to all the attendees and you can even further assign it to a particular attendee too.
  • Console for Data Analytics and Reporting- WiseMeetings provides the data analytics and insights about the meetings and shares the visitor’s information. You can book, extend, and automate the meetings just using the console. You can track your meetings for the day, week, and month.
  • Centralized Meeting Management- With WiseMeetings, the admin can even manage multiple locations using just one console and it gives you insights into each location so that you can measure the efficiency of the team.
  • Secure Access linked with FR technology- WiseMeetings is integrated with Facial Recognition (FR) technology to give you secure access. Facial Recognition helps you secure your meeting rooms thereby giving access to the host to open it. It is linked with the Active directory.
  • Mobile Application for iOS/Android- WiseMeetings has a progressive web application as well as mobile applications for Android and iOS. This gives you the feasibility of sending the meeting invites on the go and track your meetings for the day, week, and month. The client doesn’t have to download the mobile application and can access it using our progressive web app.


WiseMeetings is not just a meeting room management solution, it’s an experience that stays with your customer till the meeting ends. The meeting room management solution helps you optimize the utilization of office assets and along with that, it helps avoid unplanned as well as extended meetings thereby increasing the productivity of the employees and the ROI of the organization.

If you are still thinking, reach out to our Workspace Solutions Experts today to schedule a demo.

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I have never heard of something like this but after reading the meeting room management solution blog I feel it is a good solution to adopt to make your meetings organized and productive.

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