20 Essential features of the Visitor Management Solution for a workspace | WiseVisits

20 Essential features of the Visitor Management Solution for a workspace | WiseVisits

How can you ensure your reception staff delivers the best-personalized service to each type of visitor?

How do you ensure the safety of your premise and keep the privacy of the visitor’s data intact?


A Visitor management solution is the best facility management solution for any organization. WiseVisits, a visitor management solution, allows organizations to streamline and automate their visitor management process, using technology to monitor, track, and manage visitor information. It enables preregistering visitors, effective communication, express check-in, interactive mapping, and efficient visitor management workflows.

A visitor management solution can be used in any industry including commercial, retail, hospitality, tourism, finance, manufacturing, and education.

Provide your employees and visitors with a safer and more secure workplace using the intelligent features of WiseVisits:

  • Digital Logbook on cloud (encrypted)WiseVisits helps replace paper registers with a digital logbook that is hosted on the cloud. This ensures your data is secured. Along with this, the repeated customer doesn’t have to register themselves again.
  • Pre-Invitation/Walk-InUsing WiseVisits, you can send pre-invitation to your guests so that they can save their time by doing web check-in using our PWA application even before reaching the host’s premises. This gives a hassle-free experience to the guest.

The Walk-in guests must scan their EIDs to register themselves. Along with that, they should add the details of the person they wanted to visit. Upon registration, they will be getting the Digital Visitor pass/QR Code.

  • Book on Behalf- WiseVisits enables a smart feature for the front desk to book appointments on behalf of the top management making it easy for the management users to delegate mundane tasks.
  • Single Sign-on (SSO) – WiseVisits works well with Microsoft 365, and it’s a Single Sign-on (SSO) so you don’t have to create a separate login for this.
  • Digital Visitor Pass (QR Code) WiseVisits provides a digital visitor pass for hassle-free contactless check-in and check-out keeping your visitors safe in the post-pandemic world. This also saves their time, as they don’t have to stay in the queue for registration. Hence giving a smooth experience to the visitor.
  • Quick Check-in using EIDThis feature is for walk-in guests. They have to first scan the EID and register themselves and add the details of the person/host they come to meet.
  • Captures Image of the visitor- WiseVisits captures the image of every visitor entering your premises. Whether you are a pre-invited guest or a walk-in visitor this asks for clicking your photograph using our PWA app while web check-in or using the tablet we have at the reception. Our system stores the images in the customer portal for future retrieval.
  • Real-time Notifications to the Host- Email/MS TeamsThe moment your guest checks in, it sends you the notification on email and teams so that you should not have the fear of missing out.

For the walk-in guests, you have the option to either approve, reject, extend, or cancel the meeting using WiseVisits Console.

  • Notify Reception of VIP guests- In case you have a VIP client coming up for the meeting and you want him to be escorted by someone from the staff you can mark him as a VIP guest. This will send the intimation to the receptionist.
  • Categorization of Visitors- With WiseVisits, it is easy to categorize the visitors. While registering the visitors it asks to select the right category of the visitor. This can be customized based on the client’s needs.
  • Covid19 Vaccination Status- To ensure the safety of your employees, as well as visitors WiseVisits has this feature to check the COVID19 Vaccination status for each visitor entering your premises.
  • Zone-based Access- If you want to restrict your visitors to a particular floor or department or zone, you can do that with WiseVisits.
  • Overstayed and After Office Checks- WiseVisits helps you in live tracking of visitors on the premises beyond working hours or beyond the specified timeframe of their appointment with the host. The dashboard and the app offer prompt alerts to the admin about visitors’ overstaying on the premises, preventing unwanted loitering and overstaying.
  • Blacklist Visitors- Using WiseVisits, you can blacklist the visitors that you can don’t want to enter your premises. This helps in securing your premises.
  • Remember Returning Visitors- The visitors who are visiting for the second time don’t have to reregister themselves with all the credentials, this saves their time.
  • Broadcast Emergency Evacuation- In case of emergency, you can broadcast the emergency evacuation notification simply by using the WiseVisits console. This console will also help you track the visitors inside the premises.
  • Console to Manage and Oversee the Visitors: WiseVisits offers advanced analytics reports and a dashboard that provides valuable insights on visitors’ activities including details on peak visitor hours/day, real-time monitoring of visitors, frequent visitors, and much more.
  • Multiple location management using one console: WiseVisits provides a smart solution that unifies the view of all visitors across multiple locations. It helps the admin in efficiently managing multiple locations using one console only.
  • Database of Guests- WiseVisits provides a comprehensive database of the list of guests visited in the past. Using this feature, you track back the guests and speed up the check-in processes when the guests re-visit your organization.
  • Mobile App- iOS/Android- WiseVisits has applications for both iOS and Android users. The hosts have to simply download it and they can access it using Single Sign-on. Using the application, they can send the pre-invitations, get notifications, check the calendar, etc. The visitor doesn’t have to download the mobile application and can access it using our progressive web app.


WiseVisits is developed to help you identify and categorize different types of visitors and design customizable workflows to treat them differently, enhancing your building’s safety and the visitor experience. The visitor management solution is important to ensure the safety and security of an organization. The existence of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) emphasizes the importance of processing visitor data appropriately hence making WiseVisits even more important to use.

If you are still thinking of adopting a visitor management solution for your organization, talk to our experts.

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Must have Solution, I like their quick check-in process.


It has become more important after the pandemic. Tracking the visitor is still not that important but definitely maintaining the data has huge relevance.

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