Why do Meeting Rooms Have an Increased Demand?

Why do Meeting Rooms Have an Increased Demand?

Engaging Meeting Rooms for Flexible Workspaces are a new trend as Communication is the key. In Life. In Business. 


Every meeting has a different purpose and a desired outcome but what is the main purpose of these meetings – communication.  

Communication and organization-wide collaboration being the key for a modern-day workplaces, it is essential to have next-gen technologies, new trends, and efficient collaboration systems throughout the organization. Meeting rooms facilitate smooth business operations and make your teams work effectively. 

In this competitive world where businesses are adopting next-gen technologies in their business premises, meeting room management solutions are a boon for a business’s ROI. Flexible workplaces where the employees are either on-the-move or are working on-site requires effective communication to stay connected. 

In order to foster relationships and enhance proper exchange of information within the organization’s premises, meeting rooms do have an increased demand. 


What Purpose Does A Meeting Room Fulfil in Business Communications? 

As we all know, a meeting room is a space set aside in an office to hold meetings. And, according to the statistics by Zippia, this is a fact that teams across organizations spend most of their time in meeting rooms only. A meeting room is supposed to be a room where creativity flows, fruitful discussions are made, and important decisions are taken. 


  • An efficient meeting room management bridges the communication gap and facilitates optimum utilization of a workspace. 
  • For a more collaborative environment, a well-equipped meeting room is a must for a business to have desired employee productivity. 
  • Employees get to effectively manage their time in order to have a productive meeting in an environment which is away from their usual work station. 

When it comes to bigger and crucial decisions, client meetings, innovating brainstorming, team building and progress reporting, meeting rooms serve as a boon for businesses who are looking to increase their ROI and take their business forward. 

Meeting Room Management Solution

Why Is There an Increase in Demand for Meeting Rooms? 

If a business needs to churn out creative ideas from its employees, it is necessary to bring them under one-roof where they are comfortable to share their ideas. Meeting rooms do serve a purpose at a workspace when you need to meet your clients, prospects, or interviewees. 

According to the latest data from Coworker.com, within work spaces, there is 73%  increase in demand for organized meeting rooms solutions. 


Let’s dive deeper into the benefits of meeting rooms at a workplace: 

1- Meeting Rooms Sure Does Create an Excellent First Impression 

Through a fully equipped and an elegant meeting room, a business creates a good impression on the employees as well as potential clients. Resources tell us that businesses are spending loads on redesigning their legacy conferencing rooms to smart meeting rooms because they understand its importance. 

Updated technology, ease-of communication and team collaboration are the pillars of a successful meeting. And, for maximum business productivity and faster-decision making process, meeting rooms play an important role. 


2- Meeting Rooms Are a Workplace Solution For Better Collaboration 

No matter how many video meetings you do, nothing can beat face-to-face interactions. Agreed? 

So, now that we are on the same page, meeting rooms do serve as a workplace solution for better collaboration with the on-site and in-house employees. With the increasing numbers of on-site employees, there is a significant rise in meeting room management solutions. 

Offering a more convenient and professional environment, meeting room solutions pave the way for an enhanced sharing of ideas, faster decision making process and maximized business productivity. 


3- Meeting Rooms Offer Privacy and Security 

As we all know, meetings in a coffee shop are a trend but no matter how comfortable and cozy they may sound, it can never give the much-needed privacy as a dedicated meeting room could. 

Without worrying of someone eavesdropping, meeting rooms are designed in such a way that an organization’s sensitive information is safe. You can conduct a meeting with your potential client, or with your employees while keeping your business’s information private and confidential.


4- Meeting Rooms Ensure Convenient Scheduling 

Various small businesses and business owners schedule their meetings in advance for streamlined communication among the employees as well as the employer. 

  • Planning a business meeting beforehand ensures a better agenda presentation, productive discussions, result-oriented problem solving, innovative brainstorming, progress reporting, product interactions and better team building. 
  • Makes room for better employee or client collaboration bringing in more business for an organization. 

Scheduling a meeting in such meeting spaces is not at all an overwhelming task for you if you have the best meeting room management solution in your premises. 


5- Meeting Rooms are Clean and Have Plenty of Space

This goes without saying that meeting rooms do provide plenty of space as per your requirement (number of members in the meeting). Not only this, unlike public spaces, they are clean, quiet and safe. 

A better adherence to safety protocols and spacious rooms to accommodate the number of meeting attendees, what more could you ask from a meeting room? 


6- Meeting Rooms Provide Additional Amenities 

Meeting rooms provide advanced amenities like projectors, printers, seamless internet connection, and other technical equipment to connect your tablets, mobiles, etc. They come as a boon to make your meetings more productive. A white board and a marker helps give you the liberty to draw visuals, jot down points, and take notes. Similarly, other amenities like projectors, audio-visual equipment, printers, and more help the host to make the meeting more interactive. 

There is no escaping from the latest technologies and a race for bringing them into your workplace is paramount. Hybrid workplaces have incorporated meeting rooms in their premises for better connectivity and secured communication methods. It helps bring remote employees in the loop effortlessly. 


The Current Scenario of Meeting Rooms in Organizations

  • Somehow, meeting rooms in offices are not used optimally. A study by Steven Rogelberg, of the University of North Carolina states that, another issue that has come across organizations is that most of the meeting rooms are only 40% occupied when a meeting is in progress. 
  • Larger meeting rooms meant to accommodate larger audiences are occupied by a small group of people. In this case, a team that actually requires a larger room keeps on searching for one. 
  • Also, if there are two meetings meant to be hosted in the same room at the same time, what meeting should be given priority? Meeting time conflicts do give a rise to wastage of employee or client’s time. 
  • It has also come to light that when meetings are organized, the employees tend to stray away from the main agenda of the meeting thereby, extending the meetings unnecessarily. Consequently, it leads to wastage of man hours and resources of an organization. 


Hence, a solution to this problem is required and to utilize the meeting room optimally, it is essential that there should be a system through which employees can book their meetings in advance according to the size of the team, duration, and their agenda.  

WiseMeetings is an all-in-one meeting room management solution that offers centralized management of meetings. It enables optimum utilization of workspace. The app enables scheduling, hosting, and managing meetings remotely and on-premises across multiple locations at your convenience.


How Can You Leverage WiseMeetings – The Advanced Meeting Room Management Solution 

Powered with Artificial Intelligence, WiseMeetings are a smart Meeting Room Management Solution that helps you plan, book and execute meetings without any hassles. Managing the space, time and efficiency of your business’s meeting rooms empowers your employees with an efficient workspace. 

Scheduling and availability of meeting rooms has never been this easy. WiseMeetings enables a user to book their meeting room on a specific date, time and the required space on-the-go. The in-built smart digital signage enables you to see the real-time status of available meeting rooms thus, helping you make informed workspace decisions. 

Wish to Read More on WiseMeetings – Suit Yourself Here 


Ready to bring centralized meeting room management solutions? Bring WiseMeetings to your organization, and improve your organization’s agility and productivity. 


Come on, take the final plunge? Call WiseApp’s automation experts at +971-45789898 or Email us reach@wiseapp.ai to explore smart meeting rooms solutions in-depth or schedule a demo

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