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Updated: March, 2021

WiseApp (also referred to as the company) values our customers and their privacy and hence has designed this Privacy Policy for the safety and security of our customers’ data. It is also designed to maintain transparency and ensure that any information you give us while using our services is protected. We have divided our privacy policy into several sections so that you can understand it better.

Our focus is primarily to ensure that we value our customers and the information you give us. We also make it a point to take all the necessary precautionary and preventive measures to keep the data intact and safe. In no way do we share any information with third parties, spammers, and advertisers.

1. Your Account information

The user’s account information helps to create a new account on WiseApp. This account gives you access to all the services that are available on WiseApp. You can even contact the company through this account in case you have any problems or questions. We will collect the personal information like the information that you provided at the time of registration such as the country of residence, telephone number, email address, company name, job title, full name, etc.

In some cases like while using the Wise Visits Service, the customer can also avail validating the identity of its users with the help of their individual government-issued ID. In such cases the information like the first and last name, date of birth, etc. from that identification process will be stored on our server.

Your login information may also be used by us for connecting with participating organizations or websites in case of third-party integrations. This information will also be used as a part of the verification process or at the time of any problem or issue.

2. Web Form data

As the data submitted through our online forms is voluntary, we will strictly establish contact between the parties, which includes reaching out through emails, text messages, phone calls, etc.

WiseApp may use the data received through our web forms, disclose or otherwise process personal data of our prospects/customers following the customer’s respective country’s cyber laws or any other law applicable.

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3. Third Party Site Information

As a part of third-party integration service, you may use your WiseApp account to connect to the third-party site. You may be asked to submit some basic details wherein you can choose to use it by inviting other organizations’ members or use it personally. It may also include sending links to other people who are not within your organization. The third-party sites have their terms and conditions and privacy policy which you should follow. In the event of any problem, we at WiseApp will not be responsible or have any control in the processing of your information by any third-party site or vendor.

4. Usage of information

In addition to the third-party site information and WiseApp account information, we automatically collect the information we need based on your usage of all our services. The usage information also lets us know which features you use the most, the problems you face, the history of all your customer service requests, third-party site details, and any other communication sent from your account to the business or customer support. Every feedback or report that we receive helps us understand where and how we need to improve our services and facilities. It will also help us-

  • To personalize user’s experience and allow us to deliver the type of content and product offerings you are most interested in.
  • To improve our website to serve you better.
  • Allow us to better service you in responding to your customer service requests.

WiseApp will also use your information to communicate or inform you about our promotional offers, the launch of new services, etc. We will also use your information to prevent any potentially illegal activities, fraud, or enforcing our terms and conditions. Your information will also help us to track your usage and/or the services that you use frequently.

5. Transfer of data

As a part of our disaster recovery and backup process of customer’s data, WiseApp may even transfer sensitive data or any information provided by you to any other location depending on various factors. Whatever it is, you can be rest assured that all security measures will be taken at the time of transfer to ensure safety and security of your information. We will also ensure that such data transfer of customer data will comply with the data protection of the respective country wherever applicable.

6. Web Analytics

Our team of experts may use various kinds of analytic platforms like Google Analytics, apps or on-site analytics to understand how we can serve our customers in the best possible manner. It also helps to understand the different ways users use our site. All the necessary information is evaluated based on the usage to help us serve our customers in the best way.

7. How we protect your data

The team at WiseApp works very hard to ensure safety and security of user data stored on our servers. We make use of some of the most advanced technologies like machine learning, digital certificates, encryption, etc. Additionally, we also maintain strict physical safeguards, technical and administrative guidelines to safeguard and protect the user data that we collect to prevent any unauthorized, alteration and unlawful use.

8. Changes to the privacy policy

WiseApp has all the rights to make changes to our privacy policy as and when required without anyone’s permission. We will update the website and mention the latest date when the policy was changed. Any such changes will become effective immediately upon being posted on our website. If you use our app or related products, you will be deemed to have read and accepted the revisions.

9.How to contact us

If you have any questions, queries, or wish to provide any feedback, you can send us an email by writing to

WiseApp Global
304, Churchill Tower, Al Amal St, Business Bay, Dubai, UAE

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